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I need a heavy duty servo, but I need it programmed for custom travel. Can you do this?

Yes. We do many customizations with our servos. We can program custom travel, make them respond to an analog voltage signal, or change the input cables or install custom connectors.

I have a requirement for a very customized robotic arm. Is that something GearWurx can do?

Yes. We do custom work all the time. About 30% of our business is product development work for other customers. We have expertise in most engineering areas related to product development including mechanical, electrical, and optical engineering. We have significant in-house manufacturing and prototyping capabilities to shorten development cycles including CNC machining, SLA and FDM rapid prototyping and short run through-hole and SMT circuit board assembly. Odds are if you something in the lines of product development, we can make it happen quickly and cost effectively.

I have a Torxis servo that was damaged by another piece of equipment on my project. Can you repair it?

Yes. Most of our products are designed for long service and to be easily repaired. For Torxis servos, we typically stock all the parts needed for any repair.


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