The Company

GearWurx, formerly known as Invenscience LC, was formed for the purpose of developing tracked robotic vehicles and sub-systems that could be priced within the reaches of smaller research organizations and defense contractors as well as to provide high value, low-cost engineering services to demanding clients.
Invenscience LC began operations in April 2008 as a spin-off from Lite Trax, L.C.  The increasing demand for engineering services and robotic vehicles and equipment prompted a need for a separation from the Lite Trax manned products. The engineering expertise and staff has transferred with the name.


Our Commitment

At GearWurx we understand the value of customer feedback. We want to know what you think.
Our commitment doesn’t end after the sale. Our long term success is dependent on your long term satisfaction. We know that our customers are educated, and well networked and believe that our best marketing happens when satisfied customers spread the word.
Through every phase of the design we have striven to make our products reliable, simple and serviceable.
If you have ideas on how to make GearWurx better, we’re all ears!