GearWurx (formerly Invenscience LC)

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Rapid Prototyping Services

We are able to create real ABS plastic parts in 24-48 hours. Our process is called Fused Deposition Manufacturing (FDM). The part builds in thin layers so complex geometries, surfaces and undercuts are fine.† The parts are actually functional and usable and are typically stronger and less expensive than other processes like SLA.†††††

File Format Options: We can build models from a variety of file formats.


® Preferred format:† *.stl , set units to inches, this is the direct file we build from.


Additionally we can convert from the following:

® Solidworks:† *.sldprt, *.prt, set units to inches, ††††††††††††

® Iges:† *.igs, *.iges

® Parasolid: *.x_b, *.x_t

® Step Files: *.stp, *.step†††††††






Getting your parts made is easy! Just follow these steps:


1. Send 3-D file for quote (STL file format, click here)

2. Provide payment method (Paypal, Visa, MC, etc)

3. Parts ship within 1 to 2 business days






Part Size Limitations:† The finished parts can be as large as 6 in. X 8 in. X 6 in. Parts larger than this can be made in sections and bonded together.

Donít have a 3-D part file? Donít worry we can create one with your input. Email us with any information you have, napkin sketches, drawings, pictures and we can create a 3-D model for you.

Color Options: The standard color is natural off-white ABS as shown in the images above. The parts can made black for a small additional fee. Other colors are available as well, but require custom set-up charges.

Texture: Expect a light weave type texture on the surface of the part from the build process. See pictures above.