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Modular ARM and Servo Coupling Components and Accessories

Modular mounting components allow you to join several Torxis servos together.

Product Summary

As low as $1799.99*

This modular system combines aluminum or carbon fiber arm segments with Torxis servos to create whatever you can imagine. Servo and segment orientations are completely flexible. This is a great way to create a low-cost customized industrial robot. Create your own by choosing from the component options listed below or choose our pre-assembled packages to get your project moving more quickly.

Item Number: Varies


 12VDC Main Supply Power


  RC PWM control signals


 0.120 in thick formed aluminum couplings


 Black anodized aluminum parts


 Ball bearing pivot


 Stainless steel hardware


 60 degrees / second at all joints


  5 lb (2.3kg) lift




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Price: $1799.99

Item Number: i02099

Modular ARM Package, Aluminum Segments, Position Control

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This is an assembled Modular Arm package using 6 inch aluminum extrusion segments and 4 Industrial grade Torxis servos. The base joint servo (i01856) is pre-programmed for 270 degree travel while the upper 3 joint servos (i01855) are programmed for 90 degree travel. Servo torque is 1600 oz*in nominal with 3200 oz*in peak torque. Servos are included.

** Note that these arm may not hold position with power off. If you need this feature or additional reach, please see our ARM 2.0 products.