GearWurx (formerly Invenscience LC)

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Engineering Services

We specialize in product development with particular strength in 3D modeling and mechanical design. We fit well in a complementary role providing 3D modeling support to other companies that have their own areas of expertise; optics, electronics, software etc.

Simple Quoting: Give us a call to discuss your project without obligation. We will be happy to provide pricing for our work once we understand your requirements.

 Rapid Prototyping with FDM

 CNC Machining

 Custom Servo Controllers

 Micro-Controllers, Sensors etc.

 Beds of Nails for PCBA testing and programming

 Military and Aerospace Work

 Composite (Carbon Fiber, G-10, etc) Design and Assembly

 Precision Bonding

 Optical Assembly

Aggressive Pricing: Our geographical location, low overhead, and efficient organizational structure combine to make us a very competitive engineering and design solution.

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Additionally, we offer the following specialties: