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ARM 3.0

The ARM 3.0 improves on the ARM 2.0 with better position sensors, more robust linear actuators, and more powerful motor controllers.

Product Summary

Price: $5995*

This 6 degree of freedom arm uses linear actuators and rotary servos to provide an operation envelope of over 7 ft in diameter. Sealed ball bearings provide precision movement at each joint. The lower 4 joints use absolute encoders for precise, linear control. Typical current draw at full capacity is approximately 7 amps. Rotation speed of base joint is 60 degrees / second.  Wrist rotates 240 degrees in 2.3 seconds. Gripper moves from fully open to  fully closed in less than 1 second. Reverse power protection and over-current protection is built into to the unit. A power switch with green LED “on” state indication is located on the electronics enclosure. See below for mounting pattern and refer to datasheet below for signal pinout and additional information.

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¨ Reach envelope: 86.6 in (2.2 m) diameter


¨ Lift Capacity: 10 lbs (4.5 kg) at full extension


¨ 6 Degrees of Freedom


¨ Weight: 20.4 lbs (9.2 kg)


¨ Interface: RC PWM


¨ Holds position with power off


¨ Input: 12 VDC, 7.5A Peak



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Price: $5995

Item Number: i04000

ARM 3.0 Closed-Loop Position Control

Select from the available options below:

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All joints operate in a closed loop position control mode All joints are PWM ready if you choose to command from your microcontroller or from an RC radio All joints utilize absolute feedback. This version of the ARM is best suited for applications where the ARM will be under computer control and where the computer will send a PWM command to the each joint of the ARM to go to a specific position. The ARM will then hold that position.


Price: $5995

Item Number: i05300

ARM 3.0 Open-Loop Velocity Control

All joints in this version of the ARM operate in open-loop velocity mode. This ARM is most friendly when using a joystick or radio control unit to allow a human operator to directly control the ARM. When connected to a radio or one of our joysticks, this ARM will hold position when the joystick is centered and will begin to move as the operator moves the joystick from center. The more the joystick is moved from center, the faster the ARM will move. If the joystick is moved in the other direction, the ARM will reverse directions. An RC-PWM signal is input into the ARM allowing fully proportional control of all six of the ARM degrees of freedom. This version of the ARM can run out-of-the-box by connecting 12VDC power and any standard RC radio to the input connector.

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USB Maestro Controller

This programmable USB controller is a nice add-on for the ARM allowing the user to create sequences of ARM positions using a free graphical slider interface. The sequences can then run un-attended to allow repetitive work or demonstrations. Free software allows connection to windows based PC’s.


Recommended Accessories

6-Channel Slider Controller

This precise and convenient servo controller is great for testing the ARM and running it through positions in a controlled way. With the sliders, you can move the a joint to a position and walk away and the joint continues to hold position. The 90 degree version is recommended for the ARM 3.0


Torxis Power Supply

This power supply is designed for inductive loads and can supply the ARM 3.0 from an AC source.