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Price: $199.99

Item Number: i06324

Mini-Torxis Servo i06324

Mini-Torxis Rotary Servos

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This servo product uses an all metal gear reduction system with ball bearings on the output shaft. The RC PWM control signal input makes this servo a drop-in for full scale model and remote robotics applications. The 0.090 inch thick mounting flange and aluminum main housing makes the unit rugged enough for the rigors of the factory environment. The billet aluminum 6061-T6 machined horn is tapped with #6-32 holes for simple, precise interfacing.


 Up to 800 oz-in peak (58 kg*cm, 5.6 N*m)


 Uses standard RC PWM input command signal


 All metal gears


 Ball bearings on both ends of output shaft


 12 VDC Power, 1.5A at full load, 70ma no load


 60 degrees of travel in 1.2 seconds


 Up to 270 degrees total travel


 Rugged housing


 Horn included


 Dimensions: 3.4 in X 3.4 in X 2.0 in

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This Mini-Torxis RC Servo with 800 oz*in at 12 VDC, 60 degrees in 1.2 s. RC PWM input signal, closed loop position control. 90 degree total travel with RC radio, 270 degree travel with microcontroller input signal. RC signal connector on 12 cable. 12 inch power cable with tinned ends.